Born in Cuba.  She left the country in 1962 for the United States.  DEMI is one of the most highly acclaimed Cuban-American artists working in the United States.

She depicts an intimate universe centered upon children.  She paints children whose lives have been exposed to the vagaries of the adult world.  Although rooted in her personal history, these subjects are fanciful and universal, with social and political overtones, sweet-and-sour images fed by boundless imagination and a painful childhood.

She combines ideas from popular culture with imagery culled from the canon of Western European art.  Hence, it is possible to find in her work qualities that resonate with the art of painters  as diverse as Fra Angelico, Filippo Lippi, Rousseau, Blake, and Richard Dadd.

The works of DEMI have been widely exhibited in Galleries and Museums, including Switzerland, France, Italy, Panama and the United States.

Since 1998 the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art has been collecting DEMI’s primary records (correspondence, notebooks, drawings, photographs). LINK HERE

In 2009 DEMI was personally invited by the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See to display one of her works in the U.S. Embassy residence in the Vatican City as part of the prestigious Art In Embassies program, and her painting “Little Black Angel” was recently acquired by the Smithsonian American Art Museum. LINK HERE

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